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One of the innovations of 2017 was built on a hand-wound mechanical movement with a twenty-four hourcycle. This caliber was first used in the model Spiral. Now it can be found also in another characteristic watch. Though the original idea of the Spiral remained from a visual perspective and how time is read, namely in the upper half of the dial, this model is, however, closer to retrograde watches; with the difference that the hours are placed in a segment of 180 degrees, and each the day and the night time have their own scale. Upon request, it is possible to experiment with various types of screwed-on applications, materials, surface treatments, as well as with the design of your own dial.

The graphics of the dial, its color design, as well as the design of all the hands can be customized according to the specific wishes of each customer.
Armbanduhrenautor:Martin Broz
Gehäusedesign:Petr Kubik
Zifferblattgrafik:Petr Kubik
Zifferblattstechnologie:Martin Brož
Gehäusekonstruktion:Jan Prokop
Herstellungstechnologie:Petr Konecny
Uhrenwerk:PB28 HS
Prokop & Brož
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