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Certificate of Conor McCreedy 12 l.e.

Technical specifications of the watch:

The CONOR McCREEDY 12pc. LIMITED EDITION by PROKOP & BROS was designed with an emphasis on every detail, perfect ergonomics, maximum visual effect, easy maintenance, but above all, the above-standard utility parameters and long-lasting physical and moral lifetime of the watch. This is proven by the use of solely technologies and materials of the highest quality. The impressive 44mm-in-diameter case, the lug ends and the lid are made of 18k yellow gold. The mechanical movement, fully-skeletonized PB30-FS caliber with manual winding and central-second hand calibrator operates at an oscillator frequency of 18,000 cycles per hour (2.5Hz). It is equipped with 18 ruby ​​bearings and a micro-regulation system with a swan neck. The hairspring itself is balanced by screws at its periphery and stored in an Incabloc shock absorber. The minimalistic dial is made of steel and enriched with blue color. The hands have been designed and manufactured of spring steel for strong static and dynamic properties and long lifespan. The base, the three-quarter main bridge, the oscillator bridge and the central second hand are anodized into a bright blue color.The top of the case is equipped with a unique 1.5 mm thick, three-radius, cylindrical sapphire glass. 
The glass is made of C-axis sapphire, which provides this type of glass with the best optical properties and at the same time the greatest possible scratch resistance. It is the highest quality class of sapphire glass. The unique "exterior" glass lock is coated with blue metallization on the contact surface with the case. The outer perimeter of the glass is decorated with the three gold-colored logos of CONOR McCREEDY and PROKOP & BROS each, distributed over 60°. The logos were applied by vacuum chromium nitride technology. The case back is made of 18k yellow gold too and fitted with 1mm thick sapphire glass. The eight titanium screws attached to the case back feature a unique design of PROKOP & BROS, whereas the special G3-type crown made of 18k yellow gold is embossed with the lion's head of CONOR McCREEDY. It is sealed with two "O" rings on the neck, which simplifies any service and reinforcement, if necessary. The watch has been successfully tested in vacuum and overpressure at 0.5 MPa (5 ATM - 50m). The elegant dark blue band is made of leather with anti-allergic treatment and the buckle is made of 18k yellow gold, carrying the embossed logo CONOR McCREEDY.

The movement is regulated at full winding in five positions in the range of

  -5 to +12 s/d and its power reserve run is at least 42 hours.

In case of intensive wearing of the watch we recommend changing the leather strap about every 12 months for hygienic reasons. In this connection, the strap is not otherwise covered by the above-standard warranty for manufacturing or material defects throughout the watch‘s life span.
Important notice:

The movement is a very gentle mechanism despite the impact-resistant insertion of the hairpin that needs to be protected from impacts, shocks, and magnetic fields. We especially draw attention to the risk of damage to watches during sports such as tennis and golf.

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