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Period 6 Gold SG

Period 6 Gold SG
"Period" is the name of the entire family of men's and ladies' watches, whose design is based on regular embossed structure, duplicated using electroplating technology. There are different variations with indices, Arabic numerals, with or without date indicator, with central or eccentric second hand, and manual or automatic winding. 

Period is a complete series of watches for social events and leisure, combining the unique microstructure of the dial with a periodically repeating motif. It was milled by a unique pneumatic spindle, reaching a speed of up to 120,000 rpm, which made it possible to cut a very fine and precise relief with a depth of only 0.03mm. As such, the watch presents the technical and technological advancement of Prokop &Brož.

Color variants:

dial surface / Indices
pink gold / rhodium
silver / rhodium
silver / yellow gold
anthracit / rhodium
deep blue / rhodium
black / rhodium 
Author:Jan Prokop
Case design:Petr Kubík
Dial design:Petr Kubík
Case development:Jan Prokop
Technology:Petr Konečný
Caliber:PB 20
Prokop & Brož
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