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Start Up Editions

Initial (Start-up) series for new products in order to strategically expand the basic watch collection for resale with long-term continuity.

Individual group projects, non-limiting the subsequent sale.

Series of different themes for foreign markets or specific groups.

Whatever the reason for the initialization of a new series may be, there will always be a watch series of approximately 10 to 50 pieces available only to the members of the “club” of initiators. Each watch of the initial edition is visibly engraved, for example, “I.E. 01/20", plus the "Name and Surname" of the club member who ordered the watches. Other individualization may be permitted, however, only when all participating members give their mutual agreement and if such would not be contrary to the interests of the company. However, it is always necessary to carefully consider the explicit rules for the initial edition in order to reflect the philosophy of the company.

The watches of the subsequent open-end series are numbered with the numbers No. 021 and above, without further designation. Their price does not longer fall within the official pricing for small collection and manufacturing of single units.

The price of the watches of the initial series depends on the number of final orders and the strategic importance for the development of the collection Prokop & Broz.

A lower price is a reward to the customer for:

  • participating in the creative process of development
  • his courage to accept a certain level of risk that is always associated with a new order about to be produced
  • his passive, or even active assistance with the presentation of the particular watch

The term “Initial Series” should, to a certain extent, reduce the increased use of the term “Limited Series”. Another reason is also simply the fairer segregation of definitions. The objective of all marketing efforts should be to preserve the exclusivity of “Limited Edition” and to open the possibility for a continuous business activity with a particular watch model.

What does the initial edition mean for the customers?

Exclusivity, which is ultimately not very different from the classic limited edition since the number of pieces, each clearly marked with “I.E.”, will actually be limited and at the same time remain available only to the members of the club of initiators or candidates for membership (only if the manufacturer and the other members approve to involve the candidates in the project, or if the project was initiated by the relevant candidate).

Entertainment and self-realization – the entire system is built in such way that it can transform the act of purchase into a process that gives the customers the opportunity to become a part of the watch’s creation, enjoyment, entertainment, relaxation, expectation, but also the pride and dignity.

Significant price advantage over other customers – inevitably the value of the initial investment increases because right from the start the official price of the pieces publicly available are at least 20% higher than the price of the initial- edition items.

Overall increase in collector value of these watches – unlike the subsequent production, the pieces of the initial edition have a more profound history.

Faster and broader access to information about planned projects of the company.

Spreading of development costs in order to give people with a limited budget the possibility to witness experiences which usually experience only authors of unique solitaires.

Free-of-charge individualization with first name and last name.

Possibility of additional modifications, which increase the value of the watch.

What do initial editions mean to the company Prokop & Broz?

Maintaining the interest and loyalty of its regular customers, supporters and collectors.

Motivate existing customers to buy further watches.

Incentive to customers to purchase due to the limited supply of watches of an initial edition.

Lower costs for implementing such unique project.

Effective presentation of new models to the public – spontaneous and voluntary marketing and PR activities of the owners of initial-edition watches, for which the company Prokop & Broz acquires skilled ambassadors due to the strict conditions of membership.

Engagement of owners of the initial-edition watch into future commercial success of the initial model – the more a model becomes popular, the more the collector value of the pieces of the initial edition increases – the very first pieces that belong to their co-creators.

Faster amortization of the costs for the development of a new model.

Price differences may pose an incentive to the members to collect.

Initial series may have a different number of pieces, but it is recommended to stick to the quantity of 10, 20, or 50 pieces.

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