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Customer service

In our company we employ extraordinary skilled people, and even though we try to devote our utmost possible care to your watch, there may be exceptional times when we will have to admit that we made somewhere a mistake.

We do not intend to hide behind excuses, but rather to face each legitimate claim and take it on as a new opportunity to improve our work.

We believe that our customers are well-educated people with a passion for watches – people who give our watches reason to tick. Yet, it may also happen to them that they unintentionally damage the watch.

Whatever the reasons may be for the return of a watch to the creators’ workshop, we will take care of them, always to the full satisfaction of our customers, with at least the same if not even better care as we have devoted during the creation of the respective watch.

As of today, we have service facilities only in Prague. Nevertheless, we are currently preparing to expand for customers from Switzerland and North America, whereas our future expansion will depend on the interests of the customers as well as the level of exports to given markets.

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