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Unique Pieces Manufacturing

Subsequently, your own unique watch may be realized in three different ways:

1) A fundamental method to a personalized watch is to customize the material which is to be used to manufacture the watch. Apart from standard stainless steel, we currently offer alternatives in yellow, pink, or white 14-carat gold, as well as platinum. Furthermore, at present we are able to implement any requirements in connection with processing titanium; but due to the fact that this is a new technology, possible extensions of the delivery periods are to be taken into account.

2) Another way to produce unique watches is to essentially transform the structure of the basic model. It may start with a relatively simple change of the shape of the crown. Yet, it is also possible to end up with a more dramatic change of the construction of the movement, which may lead to alternative forms of time display.

In case of customizing watches by way of using precious metals, there are usually no limitations, wherefore you may indulge all possible kinds of luxury of applications to the movement according to your wishes. The most fundamental changes in the structure also include three dimensional engravings on the dial or applying of differently shapes to the sapphire glass.

3) If you opt for a radical solution, it will be our pleasure to work with you to create an entirely unique watch. For that purpose we work with top designers, capable of visualizing competently and creatively any exclusive request. Nevertheless, the company is not willing to manufacture absolutely anything; the founders want to produce only such watches, which will represent not only their owners, but also the brand.

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