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Hector Hector Hector
The construction of this conservatively designed sports watch is based on the same top-of-the-range model that Prokop &Brož currently offers in their particular collection. The puristically designed case dispenses with highly functional but also more demanding bevels and undercuts. However, due to ergonomics, the chamfered edges have been retained. The basic design of the Hectorhas only rotating steel bezels with a simpler design. Among the standard options are the Black Top surface treatment of the rotating bezels as well as two types of indexes. Nevertheless, here too are enough opportunities for the clients to have unique watches created according to their own imagination.
Author:Jan Prokop
Case design:Petr Kubík
Dial design:Petr Kubík
Case development:Jan Prokop
Technology:Petr Konečný
Caliber:PB 51
Prokop & Brož
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