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Custom manufacturing

The brand Prokop & Broz distinguishes itself primarily as a manufacturer of custom solitaire watches as well as small private, family and ancestral series. In accordance with the wishes of each customer, we create wristwatches which more or less deviate from the standard designs. Though, quite deliberately we are not referring to different models in a collection, but to unique designs of watches. Except for people who are interested in limited series due to a collectible value, merely a few customers acquire a Prokop & Broz watch in its basic design.

From our point of view the designs of the watches are only a cornerstone around which the imagination of each client may develop. He has a lot of options to personalize his future wristwatch, to individualize, and to change fundamentally the shape and technical parameters. Nonetheless, the customer has also always the option not be tied to any pattern and with our help to go for a completely uncompromising solution! 

The vast majority of our clients takes full advantage of these opportunities and become co-authors of their watches. Thanks to the most challenging requests so even the boundaries of our technical and technological possibilities are sometimes shifted.

Therefore we see our customers rather as partners with whom we embark again and again on new adventures that are the center of the process of manufacturing watches according to their desires. This creates a myriad of unique and often very exclusive watches, which are a delight not only to their owners, but also to us.

Already in the near future everyone will be able to admire all photos in our upcoming gallery of solitaires that will illustrate not only the measure of our ability to meet our customers’ needs, but also their courage and creative imagination with which they approached us to create their own originals. Not everything has to be in harmony with your aesthetic perception, but we respect the fact that each of us has a personality of his own. We invite you to rather think of each unique watch as a challenge to you – to unleash your imagination and to show the world what is your idea of the perfect watch.

In advance, we thank everyone who gives us his consent to present his watch.

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