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Angulus Carbon

Angulus Carbon
This watch is a departure from the company’s philosophy, which focuses primarily on round watches. Angulus Classic is the first rectangular watch in the Prokop & Brož collection. Angulus is defining the new group of watches - "R-Form". These watches demonstrate the ability of Prokop & Brož to satisfy even peripheral segments of the market and meet the needs of customers who prefer modern, colourful, inventive designs. This line retains the distinctive features of Prokop & Brož watches made to date in that they blend well-thought-out ergonomics, original designs and the sense for all details.
Author:Jan Prokop
Case design:Petr Kubík
Dial design:Petr Kubík
Case development:Jan Prokop
Technology:Petr Konečný
Caliber:PB 50
Prokop & Brož
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