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Possibilities of customizing a watch


The first option to start off the order for a customized watch is personalizing. In practice, this is done by way of individually engraving on the bottom of the watch (or alternatively, using a laser to engrave on the sapphire glass), or by personalizing visible parts of the movement. For that purpose a number of different technologies may be used:

1) printing
2) high-speed engraving
3) engraving by hand

Each technology has its own advantages. Accordingly, it depends solely on the personal taste of the customer. In terms of realization and costs, the least demanding technique is printing. Its main advantage lies in the excellent contrast and practically unlimited possibilities of graphics. To the surprise of many customers, a printing on the movement is very impressive and by far does not appear to be a low-budget solution. Technologically more demanding is high-speed engraving. The biggest plus here is the possibility to have the engraving personalized in 3D. There are, however, certain limits; in particular in the contrast and the design of the personalized message, which does not have to always comprise only text. This takes us finally to engraving by hand; it eliminates this drawback and allows the use of decorative fonts as well as atypical symbols. In case of choosing engraving by hand, however, the customer submits to manufacturing in its purest form and must accept the visible signs of tools and handicraft.


In the second phase, there are various forms of individualization, i.e., modifications of the basic model according to the customer’s requirements.

The most common ways to individualize a watch are: to modify the color or shape of the hands; to change the design or the color of the dial or the data wreath; to adjust the form of descriptions of the watch; to decorate the movement with ornamental engravings; to apply different types of electroplating; and, a very interesting method, to skeletonize visible parts of the movement.

The variability of the straps and their buckles is usually taken for granted, but in case of customized orders we may also manufacture exclusive straps, which you are most likely to appreciate in the situation where you require non-standard colors.

If the different options to individualize your watch up presented up to this point are not enough for you, you are most likely a customer requiring the possibility of implementing a more profound modification in the watch’s construction, technology and design.

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