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Opus Blue

Opus Blue Opus Blue Opus Blue Opus Blue Opus Blue
Modern skeleton watch, attracting attention with partial blue, gold or chrome metallization of the internal lock of the genuine three-radius sapphire glass. On its outer perimeter at 120°, there are three logos applied with the „Black Top“ technology or, alternatively, with vacuum deposition of chromium nitride. In combination with di erent nishes of skeleton calibers PB30 FS and variously painted hands, the variability of these glasses open up a wide range for creativity concerning the implementation of customers ́ requirements. 
Author:Jan Prokop
Case design:Petr Kubík
Dial design:Petr Kubík
Case development:Jan Prokop
Technology:Petr Konečný
Caliber:PB 30 FS
Prokop & Brož
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