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This limited series is based on the skeleton watch Opus which inspired the Switzerland-based artist Conor McCreedy. The common feature of all of his artworks is the use of typical blue colors and the experimentation with atypical forms of art objects, including an exclusive bed decorated with oil paint.As such, in close cooperation with Conor McCreedy, a watch was created that embodies that very blue color and style of this artist. Especially on the bridges of the PB30 FS caliber and the distinctive sapphire glass, the blue metallization gives this model a unique look. The watch case, the crown and the classic buckle are made of 18ct yellow gold; however, upon request they can also be made of white gold in the same fineness or even platinum.

Case design:Petr Kubík
Case development:Jan Prokop
Production technology:Petr Konečný
Caliber development:Martin Brož
Caliber:PB 30 FS
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